It’s nearly 2019! So why not start the New Year with a completely decluttered house when you use our guide to decluttering.

Losing weight, getting fit and learning a new language; all of the top New Year’s resolutions for January. However, how many of you will have a decluttering on your list of resolutions?

In 2019, start your New Year with a complete clear out using our handy tips to clearing out all your unwanted belongings:

Start SmallDon’t go pulling out your entire wardrobe and dumping all your belongings into cardboard boxes. You will most likely run out of time to sort it all out and be overwhelmed. Instead try sorting out clothes in one drawer and working your way through your clothes systematically will save you time and energy.

Be Brutal

There may be a torn dress that brings back memories of the time you went to Bali with friends or a beautiful pair of shoes you have never worn because they’re too small, but be vigilant and get rid of everything you don’t need or use. You will be tempted to keep everything to hold back past memories but if you don’t use it, why keep it?

Instead, you can either pass on these treasured items to elsewhere i.e. a friend or charity shop where they will actually be used. Otherwise, grab a bin bag or chuck them out.


Once decided the things you’re keeping, do a final check of your items to keep. Make sure everything has a place, whether in the garage or even just a cupboard. If these items are particularly important then keeping at home might be important, but other items such as a old clothes or vintage books, toys etc. you may want to store elsewhere. For any belongings you can’t bear to let go of but can’t store at home, why not use our self-storage units?

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