With Christmas literally around the corner now is the time to make sure your home is organised and clutter free!

It may sound crazy to add this to your To-Do List with all the other things that are to be done but this is the best time to declutter and organise your home!

A organised and clutter free home really reduces the chaos and stress at this time of the year.
If you can spare at least 20 mins a day, you will find how calm you will be on the big day!

Here are the 4 biggest reasons to declutter and organise your home before Christmas and the New Year

1. Don’t add chaos to chaos. Christmas brings lots of extra stuff into your home – trees, decorations, gifts, and people. You want to have room in your home forall of the excitement that Christmas brings.
2. Make cleaning easier. You know that last-minute cleaning frenzy before a holiday gathering? It’s a whole lot easier when you’re not cleaning around unnecessary clutter.
3. Teach gratitude. Before every birthday and Christmas, my kids sort through their toys and identify old toys that they can donate to other kids to play with. This is a great teachable moment to help everyone in the family be grateful for what they have and give to those who have less.
4. Set yourself up for success. Packing away the Christmas decorations and organizing in the new year will be a whole lot easier if you have already dealt with last year’s clutter.

Also if you have items that are sentimental or important, that just take up too much room, use Cockburn Central Self Storage to store those precious items!

It defiantly makes sense, so start today!