With Spring well and truly upon us and the rain is not as often, now is the time to do a big spring clean out and declutter.

Get the kids involved and reward them after for their hard work. Teaching kids to declutter will help mold them as an adult and reduce the risk of hoarding. It also teaches kids that it is good to give to those who are less fortunate than us. Clean out the old, unwanted, broken and no longer age appropriate items.

Too much stuff isn’t good for kids, it lessens their care for their own stuff. The more stuff they have, the more overwhelming it is, and they have trouble looking after items with extra care and responsibility. It is anxiety and guilty provoking when a child feels overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they have.

When it comes to teaching a child to declutter, the earlier the better.

Teaching these life skills helps build an organised adult. Having your child make piles of stuff to keep, stuff to bin, stuff to store and stuff to give to charity, really shows how much stuff the child has, and It helps children decipher what possessions are important and teaches the value of giving to the needy, which is a huge life lesson.

If there are things you and/or your child just cannot give up, there is always the choice of using our self-storage facility Cockburn Central Self Storage. That gives you space at home while keeping those precious items safe.

After your child declutters and you are both left feeling less stressed and organised, reward them with a movie day or here are some places to eat and activities to do around the Cockburn area.