We see a lot of different types of household items being stored in peoples units, but some of the most important items regularly are not being stored correctly. Can you guess what they are?

Mattresses and Couches!

So how should we be storing these treasured items?

1: Keep your Mattress and Couch Cushions Flat!
When your mattress and cushions are in storage it is important to simulate the natural position of these items by laying them flat at the top of your storage unit with no items resting on top. If storing incorrectly the padding in these items can start to separate from the coils and droop to one side leaving the mattress particularly uneven when reverted to its natural resting position.

2. Don’t store items on top of your mattress or couches!
Heavy boxes and furniture can easily tear the fabric of these soft furnishings and leave indents in your couches.

3.Use Protective Covers!
Cover your items in specially designed covers secured with packing tape to seal the objects inside. This prevents any dust and potential water damage from affecting your belongings which happens at times even in the cleanest of storage units.

Some accidents (like a flood) aren’t preventable so prepare for this by protecting your goods as best you can! We offer insurance to all of our clients to help in such cases.

For more information on some of the covers we stock please head to our website using the link attached below or pop into our office that is open 7 days a week https://www.cockburncentralselfstorage.com.au/supplies/